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Business Consulting Services Offered by Professional Lettuce

Discover the Difference – Schedule a Consultation

Curious about how tailored consulting can elevate your business? Let's dive into your company's unique needs and potential growth areas. Book a free 30-minute phone or Zoom consultation with us and discover the difference personalized insights can make. Your journey to enhanced business performance starts here.

Business Plan Assistance

Have you been wanting to put together a business plan, but don't know where to start? 

This is a self-paced program where we help you along your journey to developing your own business plan, we won't write the plan but will assist you along the way. 

This program is scheduled with five one hour sessions to help guide you on your journey Meeting schedule: First meeting: Sit down with one of our consultants to help you get started on the journey of writing your business plan. Identify your business goals and needs, we will help you identify the key information you need to write an effective business plan and assign homework for the next meeting. Second meeting: Review the information that you gathered, discuss any questions of concerns you might have. Assess how you are feeling about your goals, and what additional steps and information are needed. Third meeting: Again review the information you have provided, review the progress of the overall plan, and identify any weaknesses or adjustments that need to be made. Fourth meeting: Go over the rough draft of the final business plan, address any gaps or shortfalls and assist you with any additional research or data might be needed to fully flesh out your plan. Fifth meeting: Final review, your primary consultant will go through the business plan with you, and ensure all key information has been covered, that the numbers are accurate, and that there is a clear understanding of the process you will be planning to undertake. There is an additional option of having the business plan reviewed by addition members should you request it.

Human Resources &
Company Culture

In a close-knit rural community, effective human resources are key to balancing company interests with employee well-being. Embracing diversity and inclusion can drive innovation, ensuring your business and its people prosper together.

Bookkeeping &
Data analysis

Good bookkeeping and smart data analysis aren't just buzzwords. They're about keeping things clear and making choices that make sense for your business. Let's keep your venture thriving and true to its roots.

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